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Friday Favorites

I love pinterest and youtube so when I'm not working, blogging or with my dogs I'm most probably doing that. 

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The best advice I ever got

When I was younger I used to think friendship had to last forever. I took everything so seriously and I was always stressed about things that didn’t matter.

lunes, 22 de junio de 2015

I'm still standing

I've been wanting to write this post for a while, and I read something Jasmine posted on her blog Color U Bold that really inspired me and kind of helped me find the way to share this as a triumph/inspiration story instead of a "that's so sad I'm sorry for her kind of story".

That post was in her Tough Talk Tuesdays series and it's called I'm still standing; definitely worth reading so make sure you do!

So here we go, I'm so nervous!

As some of you might know from previous posts, I had a hard life; I was going to say childhood but it lasted all the way until I was 20 or 21.

It all started when my parents, both drug addicts, lost our custody. My little sister and I went to live with one of my aunts, I thought we were finally happy... I was 4 and my sister was just 1 year old. We went to live with my aunt, who had a really big family, 5 kids! I thought it was the best thing that could have happened to us...

A year later my aunt passed away, God bless that amazing woman, so my sister and I had to leave. 

We went to live to the "nuns house" as we liked to call it. It was really hard at first but we were really happy there. We made friends, I went to school for the first time and I was getting really good grades! They were so proud of me there it made me feel great.

But a year or so later my other aunt decided we had to go live with her, and so we did. It wasn't bad at first but then, when I was 7 something happened...

I was on the couch the first time it happened, I had fallen asleep and woke up to find my uncle touching me... 
I didn't know what to do, I didn't know what to say. I just froze. He told me not to tell anyone or else I'd be living in the streets and no one would ever love me. 

It happened every night until I was 18. I couldn't do anything about it, how would I? My little sister would suffer, everyone would be hurt if I talked about it, I couldn't be so selfish...

My little sister, I was so protective of her, I felt like she was my responsibility, and somehow she was. If he did that to me then he wouldn't go near her right?

Well when I was 18 I couldn't take it anymore, guys I've only told you about what he did, but I didn't mention that my aunt also liked to beat us up.

So, as I was saying, when I was 18, I remember it like it was yesterday; maybe that's my biggest problem... I can't forget any of it. I was in my room when my aunt got in there and started hitting me. That's the night I ran away.

I didn't get any of my things, I didn't want anything from them; I just wanted to run...

But don't feel sorry for me, the point of this post is not only to get it out but also, to let you know it's okay. As Jasmine said, I'm still standing. Stronger than ever.

I feel so blessed today, I'm 26 years old, I worked to pay for my college degree, I got a good job and now I have so many people that love me, I have my two pets that I love more than life itself and I live in this amazing house that now, I can afford.

I've come a long way haven't I? So believe me, if you're reading this, it really does get better. You just have to keep going, stay positive, and hopefullyl one day I'll be reading your inspiration story and cry of pure happiness, as I'm crying now.

I love you.

domingo, 21 de junio de 2015

How to have the best Monday

It's Sunday, which means tomorrow is Monday...(thanks Sesame Street lol).

But being serious now, wether you're a student or work your normal 9 to 5,  most of us hate Mondays but there are ways to make it better.

I used to hate Mondays more than anyone (or I guess it's just that we all thing we do everything "more than anyone"); but years ago I decided to do something about it and now they're not that bad anymore.

1. Enjoy Sunday

Ask my ex, I do absolutely NOTHING on Sunday. That's the way I get ready for the week ahead, my lazy Sunday is sacred! My perfect Sunday is just being in the house watching a show I love, then going for a walk with my babies (yup my pups) and then taking a bath. What's yours?

2. Practice self-care

As you might already know, I like to start my days with some affirmations to set the mood for the day. Try waking up a bit earlier this Monday and taking your time to relax. A good app I recommend if you're new to meditation is Simply Being, a guided meditation for relaxation and presence for iPhone and Android. *This is not sponsored*

3. Use your Saturday to prepare for Monday

I like to do everything I need to do on Saturday. I plan my week, from food to outfits. I like clean the whole house on Saturday, which doesn't mean I don't clean the rest of the week; I do all my laundry on Saturday and get as much done as possible so I can enjoy my lazy Sunday.

4. Fake it til you make it

Pretend you love Mondays, create a new belief system about Mondays. Keep in mind that Monday is nothing but a chance for a fresh start.

5. Wait until Monday to try new things

A new book, a new show, a new hairstyle. Wait until Monday to do something new you've wanted to do. How excited will you be when you watch that new show everyone's been talking about? 

sábado, 20 de junio de 2015

Stay Inspired

Let's start off by saying staying inspired all the time is impossible. When I started blogging I was always thinking of new things to write about, even writing about things you do daily can be frustrating if you're not inspired. I used to think about other bloggers, I saw their work and all that creativity and I wondered how they could do it, and most importantly, why I couldn't do it.

As I continued blogging I discovered it's not about being inspired all the time, it's about making the most of the times you really are inspired, and making those moments last longer. 

With these tips I find it easier to find inspiration.


Staying healthy is a huge way of staying inspired, when you exercise, your energy level improves, you're less stressed and in a better mood to do what makes you happy.


A good way of staying inspired is to enrich yourself. Watch tutorials online, read a new book and listen to new music. One thing I love to do when I need inspiration is to go on Pinterest. God bless the creator of Pinterest! I could spend hours on it.


I love making lists, I make a list everyday with the most important tasks to accomplish that day. I used to write a lot of things I had to do and that just made me even more frustrated; once I decided to reduce the number of things to do to 3 and the change couldn't have worked better!


Focus on what makes you happy, always try to stay positive. Set time aside to relax and enjoy the little things in your life that make you happy. I love playing with my pups and taking long walk with them. What makes YOU happy?


Always have your space clean. I know when my house isn't tidy I can't concentrate on anything else. Every night I like to make sure everything is where it belongs so when I wake up in the morning, I'm more positive and ready to start my day!


Brainstorm! I like to do this with more people, I love hearing other's ideas and when they are honest about my ideas, like when they say they don't like an idea I just had. I love the feedback!

Reflect daily. End your day with 10 minutes of self-evaluation. What can you improve? What did you do right?

I hope these are helpful, let me know in the comments section!


viernes, 19 de junio de 2015

I'm back!

Hello everyone!

I've been gone for 2 months because I moved and I haven't had the Internet in 2 months! Crazy right?

But today I got it and I couldn't be more excited. 

Because of this, I haven't posted my weekly favorites. My Friday Favorites section is a little mix of the things I find online every week, so since I didn't have the internet I couldn't do this and I thought it wasn't right to post fake favorites, everything I talk about and show on my blog are 100% me and/or what I aspire to become; I don't want to base my blog on lies.

But expect a daily post from now on and my favorite finds back every Friday!

Thank you all so much for your support and for reading my blog even when there wasn't anything new to see. I love you all!

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Pinterest Party!

Hi there! Welcome to another pinterest party. We have sad news, last party we noticed that anyone pined the party features on pinterest and since that is our only rule this week we didn't chose any party favorite even when we loved your post. So please this time we kindly ask to follow the only rule: pin the party features, to help our fellow bloggers.


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