martes, 8 de agosto de 2017

How did you let yourself get so fat!

A few days ago I went back to my hometown and met a friend from when I was younger and, believe it or not, this was the first thing he said to me: "wow you're so much bigger, how did you let yourself get so fat?"

I must admit I let that get to me, I felt very insecure already and then someone who was supposedly my friend said that? 

As the day went by I found myself feeling more and more down and just plain worse. But then I started getting angry. Not at him for saying that but at myself for "letting myself get this fat".

Let me take you down memory lane before I tell you how. 

As I have stated before in previous posts, I had an eating disorder when I was younger. I was never "fat" but I definitely thought I was. (Okay let me take a deep breath before I show you these embarrassing pictures of my younger self).

This pictures are before my eating disorder. I don't feel comfortable showing the pictures where I was sick because they're painful to watch and sadly, they might be triggering...

Now I have gained more than 20 kilos, but how? 

First of all I never had healthy habits to begin with. Where I lived we always ate fried things or takeaway. I was lucky I had a fast metabolism. So when I started living on my own I didn't know what healthy eating was, I continued eating the way I had been taught. 

I wouldn't put on any weight anyways, however something happened. My clothes started to shrink, or that's what I'd tell myself. I looked bigger but I didn't want to see it, I was in denial. Until one day, for some reason I went to the pharmacy on my way home from work and decided to check my weight. I was shocked! I had put on so many kilos! So of course I went home and didn't leave my room until the next day, I couldn't stop crying.

I decided to start a diet the next morning, but to my surprise I kept gaining weight. I, then, decided to get a blood test and I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. In that moment I didn't know what it meant, I had never heard of it to be honest. I was given medicine and I never took them.

I kept trying to lose weight for years and never took the medicine I was supposed to take, until I told my best friend, who had the same problem as me.  

She scared me to death! So recently I took it serious. I researched about it and now I am taking the medicine. I found a nutritionist who really helped (I tried a few but they didn't help with my thyroid problem). She helped me lose 12 kilos in just a few months (but that's a whole different post!)

So that's how I gained so much weight, I ate bad, I didn't exercise and I had a health problem.

If any of this sounds like you, get checked and do your research! Don't rely on just one person's opinion or "knowledge".

As for my friend, no one should ask something like that, or comment on anyone's weight gain or loss, but again I'll leave that for another post.

Until then, take care of yourself!

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